_bk32555After some deep technical difficulties – finally, I believe, resolved! – Eugene Art Talk is back online and fully functional.

The site’s been down for the better part of two weeks, and I’ve gotten behind on a few things.

One of the difficulties in handling the web maintenance has been that I am in rural Wyoming, enjoying a month-long artist residency at the spectacular Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts. The scenery here is incredibly wonderful, and the chance to work with and around five other artists has been astonishing, but the internet connection at the ranch is a bit, ah slow. So it’s been hard to stay in touch.

Though I’m not in town covering events right now (oh, how I missed the symphony’s Mahler concert), I do have a couple things to write about from here in the wild west.

First is this residency itself. I haven’t done anything like this in my life, and have plenty to say about the experience.

Second is the arrival of The Eugene Review, a new website dedicated to covering the arts in town., with stories by a number of familiar writers. Hurrah!

Finally, I may pull myself out of a disheartening funk and try to write something coherent about the incredible jury verdict in the Malheur occupation. What were they possibly thinking?

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience. I’ll be back in Eugene and following the arts scene on, of all days, Election Day.