Serena Markstrom after her 2014 firing by The Register-Guard

Serena Markstrom after her 2014 firing by The Register-Guard

I don’t know, either, and it’s nearly dinnertime.

One of the ironies of the superconnected age we live in is this: Getting news still comes down to having a reporter go to an event and report on it.

The courtroom trial of the case of Serena Markstrom v Guard Publishing Co. was scheduled to open today in Lane County Circuit Court, the Hon. Josephine Mooney presiding. And I assume it did.

And I likewise assume that Serena, my friend and former colleague at the Register-Guard, testified about her experience of being fired by the paper in 2014 soon after she notified her bosses that she was pregnant.

I also have it on reasonable authority that at least the RG and the Eugene Weekly had reporters assigned to cover the story. Maybe some others were there as well — KLCC? KVAL? KEZI? I don’t know.

I didn’t go to the trial today. I had other things to do. But I’ve also been subpoenaed as a witness, and while no one told me I couldn’t attend, it felt to me like it might be inappropriate to sit there and listen to testimony from others, even from Serena.

But I’ve gotten so used to getting news right now that I’m feeling like the whole internet/instant news thing turns out to be kind of a fraud. I mean, lots of people in town are interested in this story. But how to find out what happened today?

News only happens when there is a reporter there to witness it. And write it. And then have someone publish it.

Even today.

(Here’s a link to the original filing.)

Addendum, 6:45 p.m.:  KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert reported earlier today that jury selection would take up most of Tuesday. The radio station  plans to cover the beginning of the actual trial on Wednesday, according to Rachael McDonald on Facebook.

And another update, 8:45 p.m.:  The Register-Guard story by Ed Russo is now posted. It’s pretty complete looking, and covers the two sides’ opening statements in the case.