Cat GT

From Connie Bennett

Craig Willis, the popular artistic director of Oregon Contemporary Theatre, was feeling poorly at Friday night’s opening of “Lucky Me,” having hurt his back recently in a bad fall involving a roof.

The doc had prescribed painkillers, and Craig was using a cane and walking gingerly, but he welcomed the audience to Friday’s show with his usual enthusiasm.

On Sunday things took a more serious turn. Craig posted on Facebook — from the ICU at Riverbend — that a return visit to the doctor ended up in a trip to the emergency room, where a scan found blood clots in both legs.

He wrote in his post he was  now on a clear liquid diet and hooked up to three IVs.

“I keep insisting that gin and tonic is clear liquid,” he said. “But they don’t seem to buy that. With any luck I will be home tomorrow, but more likely Tuesday or Wednesday. Kitten pictures are welcome!”

That last line opened the floodgates to dozens of cat photos on his Facebook feed, including the cat with G&T above, from Eugene city librarian Connie Bennett, a playwright herself, and the kitten as medic photo below from actress and singer Shirley Andress.

We’re wishing Craig a gin and tonic, a speedy recovery, and many more cats.

Cat RC

From Shirley Andress