While hanging out with Orchestra Next the other night at the Hult Center, I was reminded that I’ve been meaning to do a quick review of a new CD from horn player Lydia Van Dreel — who, not coincidentally, performs with ON.

A new solo album from Van Dreel, a music professor at the University of Oregon, “New Millennium Music for Horn” is an hour-long collection of eight pieces for horn, written — yes — since the turn of the century/millennium 15 years ago. It features work by a number of current or former UO musicians.

As you might have guessed, this isn’t exactly your father’s brass band music. We’re not talking Sousa here. Some tracks — like Brian McWhorter’s “Build,” which concludes the album, may sound to more than a few listeners like a horn player tuning up, though it’s a good deal more fun than that.

My own favorite is Thomas Hundemer’s “Gently Weep,” which actually does allude, lightly, to the Beatles tune.

You can get New Millennium Music for Horn on Amazon, either as an MP3 or a physical CD (And where you can also hear sample), as well as at CDBaby and other music outlets.