A few dozen people turned out earlier this evening for the opening of the annual show of popular painter Adam Grosowsky’s work at Karin Clarke Gallery downtown. Grosowsky, who teaches painting at Lane Community College, has developed a steady following over the years for his large nudes, portraits and occasional landscapes, which are almost always done with large areas of dramatic black background.

He was on hand to greet his fans and to talk about one of his other favorite pastimes, slacklining — a sport he’s credited with inventing. A video looping in the gallery tonight showed Grosowsky walking across (and sometimes falling into) a local river on a slackline running across it as he worked on becoming the first person to swing the line so far from side to side that it swings over the top without his falling off — kind of like swinging a bucket of water over your head without losing a drop. Grosowsky hasn’t yet managed the feat but still believes it’s possible.

His work will be on exhibit at Karin Clarke Gallery through December 19.